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"Conceived, designed and made in the United Kingdom, Billingham bags reflect an English preoccupation with excellence and attention to detail. "

SP50 Shoulder Pad
W83mm (3") x D10mm (⅜") x L255mm (10")

Improved comfort and improved performance

Let’s face it – most quality shoulder pads look pretty similar and
they do their job well enough. It will come as no surprise that we
saw that as a challenge and decided to see if we could improve

From the start we agreed that just making a cosmetic
change or two wasn’t an option.

Any new shoulder pad had to be a significant improvement on what was already out there.
We went back to basics by carefully analysing the problems
encountered when carrying a loaded shoulder bag.

We were ableto pinpoint ways to significantly improve the effectiveness of
the shoulder pad, and it is all down to the detail.

Our extra comfort Shoulder Pad features a leather upper surface
that is bonded to a core of high density, closed cell foam into
which we have engineered precise grooves to allow it to mould
to your shoulder.

Next, we found a new type of rubber that provides improved grip, so the whole thing stays put.

Finally,heavy-duty press studded guides help to restrict any lateral movement of the shoulder strap.

Extra comfort Shoulder Pads can be used as direct replacements
for the original SP15 and SP20 models, and on models that are
not supplied with a shoulder pad.

As with the SP15, the SP40 fits all Billingham bags with 1.5”
webbing, whilst the SP20 and SP50 is designed for larger bags
with the 2” webbing.

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