Cullmann Madrid Sports Maxima 125+ Grey/Orange

Cullmann Madrid Sports Maxima 125+ Grey/Orange

Brand:  Cullmann
Type:  Sports Messenger
Size Approx. W x H x D (mm) without Accessories:  230 x 90 x 150mm Inner
Colour:  Grey / Orange



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Cullmann is a major manufacturer of prosumer tripods for digital, still and video applications, as well as many niche needs where sturdy equipment support is needed. Cullmann tripods are noted for their outstanding stability and ease of handling. The "Quick Release" system of allowing the photographer to equip his/ her photo gear with quick change camera plates, one for each camera, ready to be mounted on a Cullmann tripod in seconds was invented by Mr. Cullmann, and is now a universally accepted camera mount system used by most all tripod manufacturers. Cullmann offers a vast array of advanced amateur and professional tripods and accessories to match any shooting style.

The Cullmann Madrid Sports Maxima 125+ Camera Bag is particularly suitable for the safe storage of CSC equipment, but also for use as a sporty leisure bag. Due to its unusual cross belt, the Madrid Sports Maxima 125+ can be securely fixed on the carrier's back and is thus particularly suitable for sports activities like e.g. cycling, hiking, etc. The cross belt can also be adjusted or removed as required. The padded back of the bag and the wide shoulder padding with anti-slip strip contribute to its comfort.

Convenient access from above to all your equipment is secured by a robust, concealed zip, and a fabric covering. The back cover can be quickly and simply opened and closed by its Velcro fastening, and secured with a stable buckle. At the same time, the buckle protects the amply dimensioned front back with organiser against theft. With the removable camera insert with flexible inside dividers, the Madrid sports Maxima 125+ can be simply converted to a leisure bag. The interior also contains an integrated compartment for a tablet of up to 10 inches in size. Finally, there is a precision-fit rain and sun cover for reliable protection against the elements.


Camera bag in sporty Messenger style
Suitable for a CSC plus two lenses
Removable camera insert with flexible inside division
Hardwearing and water-repellent outside material
Integrated compartment for tablets of up to 10 inches in size
Convenient additional compartments for accessories
Longitudinally adjustable shoulder strap with slip-resistant padding, plus cross-belt for fastening on your back
Convenient quick access from above
Precision fit rain and sun cover

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