Cullmann Stockholm Maxima 310+

Cullmann Stockholm Maxima 310+
Cullmann Stockholm Maxima 310+Cullmann Stockholm Maxima 310+Cullmann Stockholm Maxima 310+
Cullmann Stockholm Maxima 310+Cullmann Stockholm Maxima 310+Cullmann Stockholm Maxima 310+
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Model:  CULLSTOCK310
Brand:  Cullmann
Weight Approx.(g) without Accessories:  850g
Size Approx. W x H x D (mm) without Accessories:  260mm x 180mm x 120mm



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Cullmann is a major manufacturer of prosumer tripods for digital, still and video applications, as well as many niche needs where sturdy equipment support is needed. Cullmann tripods are noted for their outstanding stability and ease of handling. The "Quick Release" system of allowing the photographer to equip his/ her photo gear with quick change camera plates, one for each camera, ready to be mounted on a Cullmann tripod in seconds was invented by Mr. Cullmann, and is now a universally accepted camera mount system used by most all tripod manufacturers. Cullmann offers a vast array of advanced amateur and professional tripods and accessories to match any shooting style.

The design fully meets the name: The Scandinavian reduced look is determined by a cool grey, the overall design is simple, clear and without frills. When it comes to functionality, the new CULLMAN STOCKHOLM bags offer everything that is needed. High quality polyester outside material with good haptics, dirt and water repellent and abrasion resistant. With their robust and covered sawn in zippers with metal grips and the integrated rain protection the STOCKHOLM can be used in any weather.

The front bag with organizer and the padded zipper-closed bags on both sides provide even more space for private utensils. Inside you find a hidden padded compartment for smartphone or tablet. The complete interior is soft padded and provided with variable partitions this makes the bag even more flexible in use. Even the carrying comfort of the STOCKHOLM does not fall short: Padded carrier handles and a convenient, wide shoulder strap relieve the user when the bag is well filled.

Advantages of the STOCKHOLM Maxima 310+:
High quality outside material with coated back
Dirt and water repellent, abrasion resistant
Bag floor made of robust, water proof material
Robust, covered zippers with metal grips
Lid opening away from the body
Two-part interior with organizer compartment
Detachable camera container with protection lid
Dust protection with chord
Amply dimensioned net bag in the lid
Padded, wide carrier handle
Integrated rain protection

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