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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Black Digital Bridge Camera

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Model:  PANADMCFZ1000
Brand:  Panasonic
Condition:  Brand New
Camera Type:  Digital Bridge Camera
Sensor Size (MP):  20.1
ISO Sensitivity Range:  125-12800
LCD Screen Size (Inches):  3
Memory Card Compatability:  SD, SDHC or SDXC (UHS-I)card
Aperture:  1:2.8-4.0
Optical Zoom ( x magnification factor):  16x
Colour:  Black



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Unleash Your Creativity
The Ultimate Hybrid Bridge Camera: If you're looking for an uncompromising DSLR Kit replacement, check out the LUMIX FZ1000. Featuring a large 1-inch sensor and a new bright LEICA lens with 16x optical zoom, it brings everything up close with premium image quality. Choose photo or video recording in crisp 4K resolution to capture the world around you in a its natural beauty.

Capture Powerful Impressions
Superior Lens Quality: The new LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens is created especially for the DMC-FZ1000. It has a bright F2.8- 4.0 lens for sharp images throughout the zoom range, and an angle of view that extends from 25mm wide-angle to a 16x optical zoom of 400mm telephoto. Panasonic's advanced optical technology also offers sharp focusing and beautiful defocus effects. This single lens greatly expands your photo-taking capabilities.

Vibrant and Realistic Motion
High-Quality 4K & Full HD Video: Experience the world's first 4K video recording with the FZ1000. Enjoy true-to-life, high-resolution images in smooth, silky motion (QFHD 4K: 3840 x 2160, 25fps in MP4) For even greater versatility, switch to manual operation in Creative Video Mode and record dramatic slow motion Full HD video with 100fps.

Be ready to catch the greatest moments
High-Speed Response: Be ready to grab the next sudden photographic opportunity. Adding the new DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology to the conventional Light Speed AF has achieved both higher precision and greater speed at approx. 0.09 sec*. Combined with a 0.66 sec quick start-up time and 12fps burst shooting in full resolution turn those once-in-a-lifetime moments into memories that last forever.

F2.8-4.0 25-400mm LEICA DC Lens
The newly developed LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens features 5 aspherical glass lenses, which are made possible by Panasonic's unique aspherical lens mold technology. In combination with the large 1-inch MOS sensor your photos will get a shallow depth of field with an impressive defocus effect featuring invisible edge lines.

Large 1-Inch 20.1 Megapixel MOS Sensor
The FZ1000 captures crisp and clear images with minimum noise even when shooting photos at ISO12800 thanks to the newly incorporated 1-inch High Sensitivity MOS Sensor. Because of its large size, the sensor processes a very high amount of light and helps producing impressive defocus shots.

VENUS ENGINE - Advanced Image Processing
The newly developed Venus Engine features multiple noise reduction systems such as Multi Process NR, Random Filter and Aperture Filter to achieve high color reproduction and high image quality with natural description. The combination of the High Sensitivity MOS Sensor and the Venus Engine achieves stunning picture quality going beyond the traditional limits of digital compact cameras.

Macro Shooting
With the new FZ1000 you can capture stunning macro shots with a minimum focusing distance of 3cm. Get close enough to express spectacular details of blooming flowers, colourful insects or unique stones among riverbeds.

Capturing High-resolution Photos from 4K Video
Cut out magical moments in 8-megapixel equivalent resolution from 4K video footage.Once selecting the 4K Photo Mode, recording format / picture quality setting / brightnesslevel are automatically set to the optimum parameter for photo shooting. You can alsochoose either 4:3 or 3:2 in addition to 16:9. Each JPEG image cropped out of the videofootage complies with EXIF information. Marking function is are also available. Firmware must be updated to the latest version 2.0.

Stereo Zoom Microphone
Videos recorded with the FZ1000 also come with high-quality, highly realistic Dolby® Digital stereo sound. The stereo zoom microphone features a zoom noise reduction system and the Auto Wind Cut function blocks out most of the noise from background wind. With the DMW-MS2 Stereo/Shotgun Microphone, you can adjust the sound gathering characteristics to match the shooting situation. (DMW-MS2 Separately purchased)

Smooth Electronic Zooming in 5 speed steps
During video recording the 16x optical zoom function is available, too. As an advanced function, the FZ1000 offers controlled zoom operation in five electronic zoom speeds from low to fast to match each shooting situation.

Optical Image Stabilisation with Tilt Correction
The incorporated HYBRID O.I.S.+ with 5-axis correction enables blur-free one-handed video recording. It detects and compensates for the camera's 5 types of movement – horizontal, vertical, axis of rotation, vertical rotation and horizontal rotation. The Level Shot Function of the FZ1000 detects the image's horizontal line and maintains it even if the camera is tilted.

High Speed Video in Full-HD
With the new FZ1000 you can record high-speed videos at 100fps in Full HD quality and even play them back in dramatic slow motion - 4 times slower than the original recording.

Time Lapse Shot
Leave the camera for stationary recording of subjects such as astronomical observation, flowers coming into bloom or scudding clouds. The series of consequent images can be combined in the camera to produce a time lapse video.

Linear Motor Focus System and DFD Technology
The FZ1000's newly integrated liner motor into the focus system achieves approx. 300% faster focusing. The new DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology also shortens the time to set focus. It instantaneously calculates the distance to the subject by evaluating 2 images with different sharpness levels. As a result, ultra high speed AF of approx.0.08 sec is achieved.

Max. 1/4000 sec Fast Shutter Speed
High shutter speed at max. 1/4000 sec (at wide-end) / 1/3200 sec (at tele-end) enables you to capture spur-of-the-moment of fast moving subject. It also allows you to open the aperture even outdoors. Max. 1/16000 sec with an electronic shutter reduces washouts even under strong sunlight.

12-fps Burst Shooting
High speed burst shooting can be shot at 12fps in 20.1 Megapixel full resolution. Together with the quick start-up of approx. 0.7 sec and short release time lag, the FZ1000 never lets photographers miss fleeting photographic opportunities.

2.359K-dot OLED Live View Finder & free-angle LCD
The FZ1000 boasts a 2.359K-dot OLED LVF (Live View Finder) that assures stable framing and superb visibility even at high magnification and under strong sunlight. The OLED display achieves high-speed response with minimum time lag while enhancing the resolution, as well as 10,000:1 high contrast for superior color reproduction. A free-angle 921K-dot LCD also enables artistic framing

Low Light AF
Low Light AF makes it possible to set focus on the subject more precisely in -3 EV dimly lit situations, which is as dark as a starry sky with no other light source.

Pinpoint AF
Pinpoint AF allows you to set magnification from 3x to 10x enlargement in. It assists, for example, setting focus right on the pupil in an eye.

Remote Shooting / Remote View:With the "Panasonic Image App", you can utilize a smartphone / tablet as controller to zoom, set the focus and shoot from a distance.
Easy Connection: Simply touching an NFC-compatible smartphone / tablet to the camera, or scanning the QR code connects Wi-Fi.
Easy Share: You can instantly upload and share your images on SNS using the "Panasonic Image App" on a smartphone / tablet.
Geotagging: You can tag the location information to the image by utilizing the GPS log of a smartphone / tablet and share it to the preferred SNS.

Creative Control / Creative Panorama
Creative Control lets you add artistic and original expression to photos and videos. You can also create vertical / horizontal panoramic photos with a unique touch just by swiveling the camera.

Manual Zoom/Focus Ring
The manual ring, which is comfortably operated by the left hand, can also be switched for use in zooming and focusing. It provides natural, intuitive operation.

Focus Peaking
Focus Peaking visually highights the areas of the picture that is currently in focus - so you can be sure not to be off with your desired focus setting. It is also available in remote photo/video shooting with smartphone/tablet via Wi-Fi

Highlight / Shadow Control
Highlight and shadow can be adjusted to achieve desired images without the use of image processing software. 3 patterns of settings can be customized in addition to 3 preset patterns (Higher Contrast, Lower Contrast, Brighten Shadow).

RAW Data Development in Camera
The FZ1000 can record RAW-format images inside the camera, to adjust the following settings: Color Space Setting (sRGB / AdobeRGB), White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Photo Style, Intelligent D-range Control, Contrast, Highlight / Shadow, Saturation, Noise Reduction, Intelligent Resolution, Sharpness

Optional Accessories
To offer more flexible usage, the FZ1000 complies with External Flash (DMW-FL580L), Stereo/Shotgun Microphone (DMW-MS2) and more. The expansive flexibility of FZ1000 goes far beyond the limit of conventional bridge cameras.

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