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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 Black Digital Compact Camera

Our Price:  £249.00
List Price:  £349.00
Saving Of:  £100.00 (29%)

Brand:  Panasonic
Sensor Size (MP):  18.1
Camera Type:  Digital Compact - Super Zoom
LCD Screen Size (Inches):  3"
Video Quality:  1080p MP4 FORMAT
Optical Zoom ( x magnification factor):  30x
Focal Length (35mm Equivalent):  24mm-270mm
Electronic Viewfinder (Yes/No?):  Yes
Memory Card Compatability:  SD, SDHC, SDXC
Power Source:  DMW-BCM13
Weight (kg):  214G
Condition:  Brand New



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Take A Closer Look With 30x Optical Zoom
The high quality Leica lens can zoom in up to 30x allowing you to get as close as you like to the action from any distance and always end up with the perfect shot.

Perfect Sight In Any Light Ė Built-In Live View Finder
With the Live View Finder, even direct sunlight cannot stop you from framing the perfect picture. Also, with all of your settings displayed right in front of your eyes, your pictures will always come out exactly how you want them to.

Keeping You Steady Ė HYBRID O.I.S. and Level Shot Function
The HYBRID O.I.S.+ technology means you donít need to worry about how your videos will turn out. With 5-axis correction, it detects and effectively compensates for the camera's 5 types of movement, leaving you with a steady and level video, even when running or filming with one hand.

Social Sharing Ė Easy Wi-Fi Connection
Just holding your NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled smartphone or tablet close to the LUMIX TZ60, will instantly change them into a remote controller, or allow you to transfer your data over. At home using Wi-Fi, you can simply connect and send images to the Cloud and share with friends, as well as enjoy Wireless TV Playback.

The Ultimate Lightweight Travel Companion
The LUMIX TZ60 packs a whole host of cutting-edge technology and functions into a surprisingly small package. Perfect for the traveler who always has their eye out for the next photo opportunity, this is a camera that can truly be with you at all times.

A Low Light ExpertĖ 18.1-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS Sensor
The 18.1 megapixel High Sensitivity MOS sensor, integrated into the camera, realizes both high quality image recording and high speed signal processing. The superior Noise Reduction system enables noise reduction without missing low-frequency noise in its large detection area. This results in high sensitivity image recording even at ISO6400.

High Speed Response
Take perfect pictures of even the fastest moving action with the LUMIX TZ60ís Light Speed Auto Focus. Whether youíre taking a picture or filming in HD, the high speed auto focus will make sure your results are in focus and perfect every time.

Embrace Your Creative Side
The Creative Control and Retouch functions give you 15 filter effects to turn your photos, and your videos, into individual masterpieces. With a filter for every possible scenario, your images will always differ from just a regular snapshot.

RAW Format Recording
By recording images in RAW, which keeps the original information in the picture data, the LUMIX TZ60 opens up the world of professional editing to anyone. By using a RAW-converter like SILKY Developer Studio 3.1 SE, you can generate JPEGs with minimum noise and individual colour settings. Putting the technical information to one side, it means the LUMIX TZ60 doesnít cut corners when it comes to detail.

Creative Panorama
The LUMIX TZ60 makes light work of panoramic shots and even allows you to apply artistic effects to your dynamic vertical, horizontal and 360-degree images. The operation is so simple all you have to do is swivel the camera while you shoot.

Take Full Control Ė Control Ring
Take full control of your photos by switching the LUMIX TZ60 to manual controls. The control ring allows direct adjustment of the exposure, zoom and focus, leaving you to concentrate on getting the perfect picture. The MF Assist function also enlarges the image to make focusing easier.

Manual Focus Peaking
To give you the most precise focus control possible, the LUMIX TZ60 has a manual Focus Peaking function, that shows you which area is focused and how far the depth of field extends. View the peaking on the screen and also when controlling the camera via smartphone or tablet to get your perfectly focused shot every time.

Level Gauge
The level gauge detects the horizontal or vertical level and superimposes a guiding line on the screen to help you get a perfectly leveled composition.

Composition Guide
Composition is the key to the perfect shot and the LUMIX TZ60ís composition guide can help you get the most out of your subjects. The function can be used via the monitor and Live View Finder, offering you a helping hand in any situation.

1920x 1080p Full-HD Video Recording in AVCHD and MP4 Format
The LUMIX TZ60 can record high-resolution Full-HD videos. With the progressive Full-HD video recording capability, fast moving subjects or fine details can be captured clearly and look stunning even when displayed on a large screen TV.

30x Optical Zoom In Video
The 30x Optical Zoom isnít just available when taking photos but when shooting HD videos too. The HYBRID O.I.S. stabilizer works perfectly with the video even when fully zoomed and the level shot function keeps your filming steady even when the camera is tilted or being used from a high angle.

High Speed Video 100fps
Record high-speed videos at 100fps in stunning HD quality. Capture the fastest moving action in front of you to enjoy in dramatic slow motion at your leisure.

Stereo Microphone
Itís not only your video that will be stunning, with the LUMIX TZ60 the sound quality will be as well. By incorporating a stereo zoom microphone that suppresses mechanical noise caused by zooming and an Auto Wind Cut function to block out background wind noise, the audio of your videos will be as crisp and clear as your images are.

Remote Shooting
The LUMIX TZ60ís remote shooting function allows you to control the camera via your smartphone and get to the other side of the camera. Frame yourself in your pictures easily and take photos quickly with perfect results and no guesswork at all.

Know Where You Are
The LUMIX TZ60 knows exactly where it is, so when you upload your photos, they come with a GPS tag of the location where each was taken to make sure you never forget a single detail about a special memory.

iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode
The LUMIX TZ60 is a camera for the ambitious photographer. With functions like iA (Intelligent Auto) that support you when taking beautiful pictures and a variety of shooting-assist functions including i-Food mode and Intelligent Handheld Nightshot, you and your pictures are in safe hands. For those with a little more confidence, iA Plus mode gives you more creative freedom such as defocusing backgrounds, exposure compensating and white balance for your flexibility.

3.0-Inch Monitor
The 3.0-inch 920k-dot monitor has anti-reflex coating, that assures youíll have the highest visibility possible in any light; perfect for both shooting and playing back your images and videos. See everything youíre looking for with perfect clarity without having to squint.

AC/USB Battery Charge
The intrepid traveller needs to adapt to their surroundings and the perfect travel camera allows them to. Thatís why the LUMIX TZ60 can be charged via either the included power plug or USB depending on where you are and what youíre doing.