Thonet & Vander Kugal 140watt Bluetooth Speakers

Thonet & Vander Kugal 140watt Bluetooth Speakers
 Thonet & Vander Kugal 140watt Bluetooth SpeakersThonet & Vander Kugal 140watt Bluetooth Speakers 
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Brand:  Thonet & Vander
Frequency Response:  40hz-20kHz
Output Power:  140w RMS (70w+70w)
Driver Size:  Woofer 6.5"
Driver Material:  Aramid Fiber
Tweeter Size:  1"
Inputs:  Bluetooth 4/RCA Stero/SPDIF
Controls:  Volume, Treble & Bass
Tweeter Material:  Silk

Weight:  15kg



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Kugel™ has an output power of 140 watts RMS, 70 watts for each speaker . Perfect for listening to music with overwhelming power and sound purity.

SOUND QUALITYKugel™ stands out for its prominent, large and wide performance. It is a wonderful speaker that can play magnificent sounds with unique accuracy and detail. Latest generation technology provides a superb sound quality optimized to play in perfect balance. It redefines the listening experience to a new level of perfection.

In Kugel™ we can observe a classic geometric structure, with fine vanguard details that provide its freshness. It has a considerable size, exactly 355 x 215 x 240 mm. The curved sides enable the light to be distributed smoothly through the edges. Its natural structure seeks to please senses through purity.

This technology extends low frequencies to deliver a deep and powerful sound. This exclusive development of our R&D department allows sound to acquire a robust and voluminous character, while maintaining it clear and natural. Experience the beat of the bass, the power of sound.
GLOW FX™This technology provides smooth treble sounds, with extreme definition and sharpness. Cutting edge materials help extend the tweeter's operating range above the audible spectrum. Enjoy the subtlety and every detail of the sound.

It is a natural polymer of high density that when combined, generates a more rigid and dense material than the MDF manufactured today. These properties prevent vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient and sustainable performance.


It is a technology that allows you to isolate the sound of external interference, allowing a pure and crystal clear sound flow without noises’ irruptions.


This protective cloth works as a shield,protecting the drivers from any damage and from all kinds of harmful agents. This helps to take care of both sound quality and equipment performance.


The Bass Reflex Sound enhances the sound expelled through the rear of the diaphragm. This way the resonance system increases the bass response of the controller and optimizes the efficiency and performance of low frequencies.

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