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Viking Quick Release Binocular Strap

Viking Quick Release Binocular Strap
Our Price:  £15.95

Brand:  Viking
Colour:  Black
Material:  Neoprene



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Also suitable for compact cameras with 2 strap lugs.

he Viking universal strap is a great upgrade for any binocular or camera with its thick section neoprene construction it offers great comfort for any duration of use. The addition of the quick release buckle means that the binocular / camera can be removed with ease when not required or equipment changed quickly, it is also useful to remove the strap when not in use particularly if your case is tight fitting. This strap is for use on compact sized binoculars and compact cameras with a small hole for strap mounting. The design of the strap uses a loop system to fix to the binocular / camera ensuring that there is no chance of incorrectly fitting the strap as with the traditional method.

The wide section of the strap offers good weight distribution providing the user with a comfortable experience and the textured surface of the neoprene strap ensures the strap does not slip around the neck. The strap also offers adjustment to suit your preference of binocular / camera position.

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