Zeiss Touit 32mm F1.8 For Fuji X Mount

Our Price:  £568.99

Model:  ZEISSX3218
Brand:  Zeiss
Fixed Focal Length Lens:  32mm
Aperture:  f1.8
Type of Lens:  Fixed Prime
Lens Mount Fitting:  Fujifilm X
Filter Thread Size:  52mm
Weight (kg):  210g



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- Ideal tool for imaging real-life situations
- Fast and accurate autofocus function
- Lightweight yet sturdy barrel
- APS-C sensor format

The ZEISS Touit lens range brings ZEISS quality and expertise to Fujifilm X-mount APS-C sensor camera systems. With fast, accurate autofocus and specially designed optics, these prime lenses deliver superb-quality images. Lightweight and compact in your kitbag with a metal lens barrel, they will nevertheless stand up to many years of use.

The ZEISS Touit 32 mm lens on an APS-C camera is equivalent to a 50 mm lens on a full-frame sensor. This is the combination that results in the same angle of view as the human eye. The lightest lens in the Touit family – weighing in at 210g for the X-Mount – and less than 8cms long, it fits unobtrusively onto the camera, making the two together easy to carry with you wherever you go. It is always ready to impress you, for portraits, landscapes or spontaneous snapshots. The ZEISS Touit 1.8/32 is quite simply the ideal companion for capturing perspectives and colour and lighting moods in perfect pictures.

The optical elements of ZEISS lenses feature T*® anti-reflective coating on all surfaces and an optical design that guarantees images of superior brilliance at all times, even in unfavourable lighting conditions. We apply the anti-reflective coating to the lens surfaces by the vapour deposition of extremely thin, transparent layers on the glass. In this process, special substances are vaporized with extremely high energy in a high-vacuum environment and are subsequently deposited on the glass surfaces, one after another, as layers with precisely controlled thicknesses to achieve the desired reduction of reflective properties. The first coating techniques were employed by ZEISS as long ago as in the 1930s.

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