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Lastolite EzyBounce

Lastolite EzyBounce
Lastolite EzyBounceLastolite EzyBounceLastolite EzyBounceLastolite EzyBounce
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Brand:  Lastolite



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EzyBounce is a compact and foldable bounce card, the ideal accessory to help photographers achieve a softer lighting effect, eliminating the harsh shadows that may occur when using direct flash especially on-camera. Whether you’re looking for a modifier to shape, diffuse or bounce light, EzyBounce is the solution.

EzyBounce mounts directly on the flash with a unique fixing silicon strap and it offers four different configurations for maximum flexibility. When not in use it can be folded to fit in a pocket or compartment of any camera case.

When closed: Width 7.5cm, Height 8.5cm, Depth 2cm
When open: Width 18cm, Height 19cm, Depth 1cm

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