New Year...New Photography

New Year.... New Photography!

As we welcome in 2022, now is the time to take stock and change up our photography,

even if it's just for fun!


Join a Camera Club

We are blessed to have some fantastic camera clubs and photographic groups in Northamptonshire, you can find all their details here. They have a wide range of activities on their programmes from practical sessions, talks, walks and competitions.  It's a great way to meet some friendly like minded people and get new ideas and styles. Our advice would be to check out each clubs programme and get in touch to organise a night to pop along!


Get Some Local Inspo

Get some inspiration on local events, popular locations and the latest photography news by following social media tags and groups online such as #northamtonphotographer #northantsphotographer.

Don't forget to tag your own images too!


Try a New Genre

Usually shoot portraits, why not give landscapes a go? Go out and try a different genre of photography, even if it's not your bag,  you are pretty sure to learn some new skills and gain some different style images for your portfolio.  Whether it's sports, wildlife or macro why not give it a whirl!


Switch up Your Medium

Film photography has had a massive revival in recent years, if you haven't had a go before now is your chance. Even if you go back to basics and try a disposable you will be surprised how much it makes you think about your images so much more. Already shooting film? Why not try out medium format or an Instant camera?


Print Your Images!

Whether it's in an album, large format display piece or a traditional 6x4" stack get your precious memories / works printed out. Not just to produce an archival hard copy (we have all suffered from the dreaded data loss) but you would be surprised how images take on a different form in print, perhaps check out local galleries to showcase / sell your work.



We hope this blog gives you some ideas to help mix up your photography for 2022, we would love to hear about any ideas or project you have too, just pop it in the comments box below!