Cullmann Boston Action 150 Camera Bag
Cullmann Boston Action 150 Camera Bag

Cullmann Boston Action 150 Camera Bag

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Cullmann is a major manufacturer of prosumer tripods for digital, still and video applications, as well as many niche needs where sturdy equipment support is needed. Cullmann tripods are noted for their outstanding stability and ease of handling. The "Quick Release" system of allowing the photographer to equip his/ her photo gear with quick change camera plates, one for each camera, ready to be mounted on a Cullmann tripod in seconds was invented by Mr. Cullmann, and is now a universally accepted camera mount system used by most all tripod manufacturers. Cullmann offers a vast array of advanced amateur and professional tripods and accessories to match any shooting style.


Cullmann Boston Action 150 Camera Bag

  • Quick lid closure with convenient FIDLOCK magnetic closure
  • Abrasion-resistant and water-repellent outer material, robust bottom reinforcement to protect against dirt and moisture
  • Inner dimensions (W x H x D): 9.5 -13.0 x 15.0 x 10.5 cm

Functionality, quality as well as lightning-fast and convenient opening and closing of the camera bag by means of the patented FIDLOCK; closure system are the main advantages of all BOSTON camera bags. A special feature of the entire BOSTON bag series is the unique quick-release lid closure using the FIDLOCK; magnetic closure. This allows the bags to be opened quickly and comfortably with one hand and the closure automatically finds the lock in any position thanks to the magnet and its special shape.

The bag lid can also be closed with a stable zip, keeping the camera bag securely closed even during fast movements or outdoor activities. A reinforced camera bottom on the outside of the bag, a flexible interior division for individual positioning of equipment, a precisely fitting Rain / Sun Cover plus a length-adjustable shoulder strap with non-slip shoulder pad are further features of the high-quality BOSTON bag series.

The Cullmann Boston 300 is a robust and comfortable action bag with all the advantages of the BOSTON bag series. Especially the Action models show the advantages of the FIDLOCK lid quick release fastener. The bag can be opened in a flash with one hand and thanks to the unique shape of the magnetic closure, the bag lid closes automatically - from any position. The Action 150 is perfect for CSC cameras and small DSLR cameras.