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Kodak M35 Reusable Film Camera

Kodak M35 Reusable Film Camera
Colour: Mint GreenColour: Sky BlueColour: Mustard Yellow
Film & batteries not included!
Our Price:  £29.99

Model:  KDM35MY
Brand:  Kodak
Camera Type  Compact Film Camera
Winder & Grips Ref  31mm
Aperture  f10
Power Source  1x AAA
Size Approx. W x H x D (mm) without Accessories  114W x 63H x 35D mm
Film Compatible  35mm
Weight  110g
Winding  Manual


This point and shoot film compact, is as simple as a disposable but you can use it again and again!

Simply purchase a roll of 35mm film and load it in, take your photos, rewind and have the film roll developed.

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