Fujifilm EF-X500 Shoe Mount Flash
Fujifilm EF-X500 Shoe Mount Flash

Fujifilm EF-X500 Shoe Mount Flash

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Guide Number
50 (ISO100m)
Flash Range
24mm - 105mm, Auto-zoom function. (approx.. 20mm when using the Wide Panel)
Power Source
4 x AA Batteries, optional Battery Pack EF-BP1

The Fujifilm EF-X500 flash has the maximum guide number of approx. 50 (ISO100·m) / 164 (ISO100·ft). Its support for the FP mode (high-speed flash sync) means the flash can be fired at any shutter speed. This means you can concentrate on shooting when a faster shutter speed is required, for example, in order to use a near-maximum aperture to produce beautiful bokeh. EF-X500 also supports multi-flash lighting. Set up multiple flashes to freely control light on a subject and background for a creative result. TTL lighting control is available with single flash and also in the multi-flash setup, so that you can start shooting without having to make cumbersome adjustments to light output.
• Maximum guide number approx. 50 (ISO100·m) / 164 (ISO100·ft)
• Zooming the illumination angle for the focal lengths of 24mm – 105mm*1, and covering the illumination angle of around 20mm*1 when the wide panel is used
• Flash head that can be tilted up by 90 degrees, down by 10 degrees, to the left by 135 degrees and to the right by 180 degrees for bouncing light
• Equipped with LED video light that can also be used as AF assist light and catchlight
• Registers up to ten combinations of various settings. Register settings to suit a specific shooting condition in advance, so that they can be activated quickly when required.

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