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Fujifilm Instax Mini 'Stone Gray' Colour Film - 10 Shots

Fujifilm Instax Mini 'Stone Gray'  Colour Film - 10 Shots
 Fujifilm Instax Mini 'Stone Gray'  Colour Film - 10 ShotsFujifilm Instax Mini 'Stone Gray'  Colour Film - 10 Shots 
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Brand:  Fujifilm



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Colour instant film for all Instax mini cameras and SHARE printers.

Instax mini film offers stunning-quality instant pictures that fit in a purse, wallet or mini photo frame.

Professional quality instant film technology ensures accurate colour and sharpness with every frame, not to mention a unique and highly attractive way to capture and share your memories.

Let the colours of your instax photos really stand out against a stone gray frame – perfect for more arty photos, fashion shots or portraits.

SHARP GRAIN: High-speed ISO 800 film.

VIBRANT COLOUR REPRODUCTION:  With excellent colour reproduction, skin tones will be neutral, with no colour mixing between film layers, as well as a glossy finish.

FASTER IMAGE FORMATION:  With an enhanced developing process, image development is rapid.

LONG-TERM STABILITY:  Resulting from improved emulsion, development accelerators and development control technology, your images will be colour-true for years.

FILM SIZE 54x86mm
NUMBER OF PRINTS 10 per pack

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