Hahnel Captur Module-Pro

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The Captur Module - Pro has built-in motion, light and sound sensors as well as a AUX socket to connect 3rd party sensors such as pressure plates.
Also included is the Module - IR which can trigger the camera when a moving subject breaks the beam. Ideal for wildlife and sport’s photography.


Captures Time Lapse Photography, High Speed Photography, Motion & Wildlife Photography
Four built-in sensors (light, sound, Laser*& IR)
Auxiliary port allows to connect 3rd party sensors such as pressure plates, humidity & temperature sensors
Fully programmable timed sequences including delay, interval timer, exposure count & exposure length setting
Shutter release button with autofocus, single & continuous shooting & bulb mode
Connect wirelessly to camera using the ‘Captur’ (sold separately)
Use the Studio Light Cable with the Module-Pro or Captur Receivers to trigger studio lights and strobes
Part No: 1000 708.1
Additional Recceivers are available to enable you to trigger multiple flash guns & studio lights