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Ilford Sprite 35 - II Reusable Film Camera Black

Our Price:  £39.99

Model:  ILSP35IIB
Brand:  Ilford
Camera Type:  35mm Film Camera
Fixed Focal Length Lens:  31mm
Aperture:  f9



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A fun and affordable way to jump into analogue photography!

The Ilford Sprite 35-II continues meet the needs of people experimenting with 35mm film and looking for a camera that’s ‘no frills’ simple. It’s a step up from disposable cameras, and being re-usable, it won’t create extra waste.

The camera has a fixed shutter speed (1/120s) with a 31mm, single element f9 fixed-focus wide-angle lens, perfect for capturing most well-focused daylight scenes, and also features a built-in flash with a 15-second recycle time for night time shooting.

Users can load the Sprite 35-II with their favorite film, whether its colour negative or black and white, allowing them to capture quick snapshots or moody monochrome scenes. The camera has a manual film advance winding lever to move through each exposure and rewind the roll when the film is finished.

It’s extremely lightweight and compact, weighing just 122 grams, with dimensions of 119mm (W) x 67 (H)mm x 44mm (D).

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