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Ilford PAN F+ 50 ISO Black & White 35mm 30.5m Bulk Film

Ilford PAN F+ 50 ISO Black & White 35mm 30.5m Bulk Film

This item is 35mm BULK FILM (Uncut) 30.5m (100ft)

* Short Dated - July 2022 *

Brand:  Ilford
Film ISO:  50
Film Type:  Black & White
Film Size:  120
Film Quantity:  1 Roll



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ILFORD PAN F PLUS is a slow speed, high contrast, black & white film offering exceptionally fine grain, sharpness and detail.

Suitable for bright conditions from sunny days to controlled studio lighting. It suits subjects ranging from architecture and still-life to portraiture and fashion.

PAN F PLUS is perfect for enlargements as negatives show an outstanding range of tone, high-edge contrast and extreme sharpness. It is therefore also suitable for a range of specialist or scientific applications such as photomicrography or the production of black and white slides.

PAN F PLUS can be processed in a wide range of different developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks and automatic processors.

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