Meet our Team

Five members of the Skears family still work in the shop, whilst other members of staff although not blood related, have worked for us so long, we count them as family!


Steve started the business in 1990, growing it from a repair workshop to the multi service store we are now. Favorite Camera: Nikon FM. Interested In: Camera repairs and anything mechanical. Top Photography Tip: Don't forget to out a film in it. Random Fact: He used to have long hair!

Working int he shop since 2002, Jo started by stocking up film and making tea. Working her way to supervisor. Favourite Camera: Olymous Trip. Interested In: Photo editing, website design...pretty much anything on a computer. Top Photography Tip: Invest in yourself as much as your equipment. Random Fact: She has a degree in Sport and PE.

Sarah is one of the longest standing members of staff joining us in 1988. Favourite Camera: Olymous Mju ii. Interested In: Travel & outdoor photography. Top photography Tip: Change your perspective. Random Fact: Contrary to popular belief NOT Steve's wife!

Joining the team in 2014 with a degree in physics, Jeremy has honed his skills in camera repairs and has now actually joined the Skears Family too. Favourite Camera: Nikon D90. Interested In: Landscape Photography. Top Photography Tip: Don't be afraid to try something new. Random Fact: He is Australian and can play a note on the didgeridoo.

Ed has been heading up our used equipment purchasing and sales since 2019. He has an extended Diploma in Photography. Favourite Camera: Contax G1 Interested In: Architecture photography Top Photography Tip: Quality not quantity Random Fact: He likes Jazz music.

7Martyn joined us in 2017 after leaving university with a degree in Photographic Practice. He is in charge of all our developing and printing services and can often be found in the darkroom.


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