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Used Olympus Winder 2 For OM System

Used Olympus Winder 2 For OM System
 Used Olympus Winder 2 For OM SystemUsed Olympus Winder 2 For OM System 
Our Price:  £25.00

Model:  CS1046
Brand:  Olympus
Condition  3* Good condition, shows signs of use. Full working order.
Type  Winder
Average Recyle Time  3.0 seconds
Power Source  4 x AA Batteries
Weight Approx.(g) without Accessories  290g
Size Approx. W x H x D (mm) without Accessories  130 x 64 x 98mm
Compatible With  Olympus OM SLR's



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Olympus OM Winder 2 is designed to enhance the functionality of the OM System 35mm SLR camera by providing it with automatic film winding for single-frame (wind-on time - approx. 0.3 sec.) as well as sequential shooting (filming rate - 2.5 frames per sec.). 

The Device not only frees the photographer from distracting manual film winding, but also enables to follow fast-moving subjects without removing his eye from the viewfinder. It is alternative source for more economical entry into motor driven photography.

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