Peak Design Micro Anchor 4 Pack
Peak Design Micro Anchor 4 Pack

Peak Design Micro Anchor 4 Pack


The new V4 version of the Peak Design's popular Anchor Links can now cope with payloads of 200lbs, or 90kg. These are designed to work with any standard strap with ends up to 12mm wide. So if you have a favourite camera strap, or one strap for multiple cameras, then these are perfect.
As mentioned above, the version 4 can hold 200lbs each. This means they will cope with virtually any camera setup. They can also be used effortlessly with a 1-handed operation.
The new links are slimmer, 25% to be exact, and have a pop-in, pop-out action for no fuss and annoyance compared to traditional strap attachments.
Due to the reduced size the anchor disks are smaller than a penny and will reduce any risk of scratching your camera.
The new V4 anchors are fully compatible with all the Peak Design straps, pouches, and even the key tethers you find on their bags. The anchors also work with any of the Peak Design tripod plates.
The anchors are made with glass-reinforced nylon links with stainless steel springs, 2-layer anti-abrasion woven thermoplastic Anchor cord, thermoplastic Anchor overmolding. They weigh just 30g and the head diameter is just 17mm and the loop is 43mm. The strength rating is impressive, the anti-abrasion thermoplastic-corded Anchors can withstand over 200 lbs (90 kg), making them safe for use with the largest of professional cameras.