Perfect-Pixs Digital Mini 3 Tone Cards

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The Perfect-Pixs 3 Tone Mini Cards (set of 2) is designed to help digital photographers improve colour balance of their digital images, and provides an easy way to achieve proper grey balance for the lighting conditions that your photo is being taken under. Each card has a white, black and middle grey patch that make it easy to determine your white, black and middle grey points using the more popular photo editing software packages. Furthermore, you'll get two cards - one card is laminated, one card is not laminated - thereby providing the ability to match the reflectance of your subject.

The 3 Tone Mini Cards are 2 x 4" in size making them the perfect size to carry in your camera bag, and are also sized well for field use. The cards are printed on a flexible heavy weight archival material, thereby assuring they will last for many years without fading or colour shifts.