Perfect-Pixs Pocket 3 Tone Card

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The Perfect-Pixs Digital Focusing Target Grey Card is a 4 tone reference card designed to replace your standard 18% grey card that also has 4 crosshair targets to provide assistance for both manual and auto focusing methods. The target provides an average middle appearance for metering purposes or you can use the middle grey blocks for partial or spot metering. The target also provides you with black, white, mid-grey and light grey references that you can use to establish your black, white and grey points and provides an easy way to correct colours during post shooting processing.

The Digital Focusing Target Grey Card is 4 x 6" in size making it small enough to carry around, yet large enough to provide a usable focusing reference target. The card is printed on a 1mm thick rigid imageboard with a precise matte finish using archival inks, thereby assuring that your card will last for many years without fading or colour shifts. Furthermore, its small size allows you to place the card in almost any photographic setup, and because the card is rigid, it is easier to position by simply leaning it up against something in the scene.