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Photoguard – instant camera insurance quotes

Fed up with looking for camera insurance and not being able to get an instant, online quote? Fed up with having to fill in endless forms or look at confusing tables? Take a look at Photoguard - they offer instant, online quotes for camera equipment insurance – just tell them the value of your equipment and they’ll show you the premium there and then – simple!

If you like the look of it, you can then add in optional extras like ‘in vehicle cover’ or liability cover – your Photoguard camera insurance quote updates instantly so you can see exactly how much extra it is.

Even if you only use your camera equipment at the weekends, it’s worth getting a camera insurance quote from a specialist. Many home contents policies will not cover items like photographic equipment if they are over a certain value or they are taken away from the home. If you do transport your camera in a car or other vehicle, it may not be covered by your home contents cover – so check with your home insurer or car insurer. Photoguard insurance offer an in vehicle option which also covers your camera whilst in the car or othe vehicle (as long as you apply the necessary security requirements).

Pro or amateur?
If you’re a professional, you’re likely to require a different sort of photographer insurance. For a start you’ll probably have more expensive cameras and a host of other accessories, but more importantly you may be looking for public liability cover and professional indemnity insurance as well as cover for assistants, portfolio cover and prop insurance. Photoguard camera insurance has all of these options and more!

Photoguard insurance offer two camera equipment insurance policies - they have ‘Select’ cover which is suitable for semi-professionals and amateurs and also ‘Pro’ cover which is, predictably, for professionals. The main difference between the two is the maximum value you can insure and the level of public liability offered - their ‘Select’ cover gives you the choice of no public liability or £1 million, whereas the ‘Pro’ cover offers you £1 million as standard with the option to upgrade to £2 million or £5 million.

Both policies offer a wealth of other options like:

  • ‘In vehicle’ cover (to cover equipment whilst in a vehicle)
  • Choice of area covered:
    • UK only
    • UK/EU with 30 days worldwide
    • Worldwide cover
  • Hire cover until items are replaced or repaired (subject to an approved claim)
  • Public liability / personal accident cover (amount varies depending on which policy you choose)

Interestingly the ‘Pro’ cover gives you the ability to save money with the ‘Flexicover‘ option – this allows you to insure all of your photographic equipment whilst specifying a value that you take away from your home or studio. In other words, if you only take 50% of your equipment out to shoots, you’ll get charged less!

How much does it cost?
Cover starts from just £35 for a full 12 months cover. You can choose to pay monthly or a single amount by debit or credit card – it’s up to you. If you take out a policy online, it’s at least £10 cheaper than buying Photoguard camera insurance through their call centre.

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