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Hama DCCS Cable Remote Shutter Release Ref:005200

Hama DCCS Cable Remote Shutter Release Ref:005200

What's in the Box
- 1 wired remote release "DCCSystem" base,

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Brand:  Hama



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Become picture perfect and capture fantastic images with this remote control release from Hama, which gives you up to 68cm range. It is the perfect solution if you are a professional photographer and want to capture the image whilst observing from a distance e.g. with animals, being lockable for shake-free long-term exposures in order to give a great, high-quality finish to images. With exchangeable camera connections available for all common cameras there is no need to buy different releases if you own several different makes of camera as you can simply change the connection part, eliminating the need to carry around additional bulky kit and the hassle of untangling various different release wires. In addition, the release trigger provides a 2-stage release (auto focus, release) to provide you with the opportunity to be able to take professional looking images with a superior level of focus and definition at the click of a button. It is a must have for any keen photographer!

- Remote control serves as base which is connected with the camera by means of an appropriate connection cable
- Exchangeable camera connections (separately available for all common cameras)
- Two-stage release button (autofocus, shutter release)
- Lockable, for shake-free long-term exposures (bulb)
- Suitable for: all cameras with remote control, in combination with "System Cable" (articles 5204- 5211) for Canon, Nikon Sony, Minolta, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Pentax, Samsung, Fuji
- Equivalent to the original remote control release (in combination with Hama "System Cable")
- Cable not included in the delivery package

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