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CamFi Wireless Camera Controller Capture & Transmit

CamFi Wireless Camera Controller Capture & Transmit
 CamFi Wireless Camera Controller Capture & TransmitCamFi Wireless Camera Controller Capture & Transmit 

Basic specification
Equipment Size3.54in * 1.73in * 1.02in
Battery1800 mA lithium battery
Battery life6 hours
Signal distance50 meters
Speed150 Mbps
Software platform
iOS 8.0 and above / Android 4.0 and above
Windows XP and above / Mac OS X 10.10 and above
Support camera
1Dx 5D II 5D III 5Ds* 5Dsr* 6D 7D 7D II* 50D 60D
70D 100D 500D (T1i) 550D (T2i) 600D (T3i) 650D (T4i) 700D (T5i) 1100D (T3) 1200D ...
Df* D3 D3s D3x D4 D90 D300 D300s D600 D610
D700 D750* D800* D810* D3200 D3300 D5000* D5100* D5200* D5500*
D7000* D7100* D7200*
* The usb cable with CamFi does not match for these cameras. Please use the original usb cable with the cameras to connect with CamFi.

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Wireless remote capture and live show
Use tablet instead of the small viewfinder
Camfi can use Android and iOS devices to be your viewfinder. It can stream live view from the camera to your devices wirelessly.

Self portrait
Instead of requesting others help you to take pictures, you can connect the CamFi device to your camera, and use your mobile viewfinder to find the memorable moment, then capture it by yourself.

Powerful time-lapse
Most DSLR cameras only provide the countdown shooting. CamFi provides a more advanced timer feature which gives you flexibility to set shooting time interval and photo count.

Show your photos on TV as they are taken
You can use an LCD TV to show your photos as they are taken.You can check the details of your work instantly.This will also give your client better experience in photo shooting.

Android TV stick supported
CamFi application can be installed on a small Android TV stick or Android TV box.Now you can use TV set to be your viewfinder and photo player.
Print the photos as they are taken
With the windows client software of CamFi, you can print the photos instantly after they are captured.

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