Hama DCCS Timer Remote Shutter Release Ref:005201

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Battery Type: Micro AAA
Colour: Black
Length Base: 15 cm
Length Cable: 14 cm
Model: Base
Total Length Cable and Base:


Capture the Moment

People, animals, objects and events often change over time. Life continually progresses whether we want it to or not and appearances and behavior can alter rapidly from one second to the next. Therefore, one picture is often not always enough. For example, the rare bird pictured foraging on the forest floor may find food and take-off back to its nest, or the child playing football in the park may go on to score the winning goal for their team. All moments that we don’t want to miss yet a number of photos must be taken to capture the entire story. With the Timer Remote Release “DCC System” Base from Hama that’s possible.

Make Sure Time is on your Side with Hama

Acting as a base, the Hama timer remote release is quickly and easily connected to the camera using the corresponding cable connection (not included). Separate connection cables are available for all common camera brands with remote control, including Canon, Nikon Sony, Minolta, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Pentax, Samsung and Fuji and are interchangeable so that the release base has compatibility with a huge range of cameras. Ideal if you own more that one make of camera.

The timer itself allows automatic as well as manual shots (single and serial) with use of the 2-stage shutter release button (autofocus, shutter release) for manual individual shots only. Use of the user defined triggering function allows the observation of a person, animal or event over time without the need of having to be standing behind the camera as you can set time-shifted infinite shooting with intervals e.g. of one minute between shots. Perfect for photographing animals (e.g. a known bird nesting site) behavior or movements whilst keeping your distance so you don’t disturb them or for when you want to be in the shot.

- The timer remote release serves as base which is connected with the appropriate connection cable with the camera
- Interchangeable camera connections (separately available for all common cameras)
- Cable not included in the delivery package

Advantages of the timer:
- Documentation of single, automatic shots
- Observation of persons and proceedings during a fixed period of time
- Automatic serial shots

The following programs are integrated:
- Manual individual picture, two-stage shutter release button (autofocus, shutter release)
- Manual and automatic serial shot function
- Automatic time exposure with exact time and date
- Automatic time-shifted shooting
- User defined triggering: (time-shifted shooting, with interval, e.g. one shot every 60 minutes, desired interval repetitions can be entered – infinite frequency also possible)
- Suitable for all cameras with remote control, in combination with "DCCS" connection cable (item no. 5204 – 5211) for Canon, Nikon Sony, Minolta, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Pentax, Samsung, Fuji
- Equivalent to original timer (in combination with Hama "DCCS" connection cable)