Hama Extension Cable 5m For DCCS Adapter Cables Ref:005215

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Colour: Black
Length Cable: 500 cm
Compatible with ALL hama DCCS adapters and remotes 005200, 005201, 005202, 005203.


Get snap happy with this 5m extension cable, allowing the lengthening of the Hama Remote Control Release System to give you greater range and freedom of movement.for capturing flawless professional images. Ideal for observing from a distance (e.g. with animals), you will be able to remain out of sight so as to not disturb the subject, or move around in order to see a potential image from different viewpoints in order to achieve the exact image that you desire with a superior quality finish. The high quality cable is also quick and easy to connect and will ensure that you have a secure connection to allow you to always be ready to capture that last minute fantastic image. The perfect accessory for your Hama Remote Control Release System.

Extension cable for all Hama "DDCSystem Base" shutter releases- For connecting the base and system cable