Camera repair Service. Broken or bashed? Whether its old or new, our technicians can fix mist problems.


Repair Information. We offer a professional onsite repair service.

    We offer a professional onsite repair service. 

    We charge £5.00 for camera repair/service estimate.

    (Payable at the time of booking in)

    Estimates are normally carried out within 7-10 days.

    Please note that with older equipment or rare pieces,

    it may take longer to track down spare parts and service information.


Sensor (CCD) Cleaning Service:


      Overnight Service for DSLR & CSC: £30.00       

      Collect after 10am the next working day.

      No Appointment necessary.


      Express Service for DSLR & CSC: £40.00

                                                                                  Collect within 1-2 Hours.

                                                                                  By Appointment only*.


                                                                         Compact & Bridge Camera: £48.00

                                                                                 Usually ready within 3-5 working days.

                                                                                 No appointment necessary.



* Call us on 01604 628738 to book an appointment.

Please allow at least 24 hours when booking to avoid disappointment.

Please ensure that your camera has a fully charged battery upon booking in.


Skears Photographic                           Call Us: 01604 628738