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Camera repair Service. Broken or bashed? Whether its old or new, our technicians can fix mist problems.


Repair Information. We offer a professional onsite repair service for both film amd diital cameras.

    We offer a professional onsite camera / lens repair service. 

    We charge £5.00 for camera repair/service estimate.

    (Payable at the time of booking in)

    Estimates are normally carried out within 7-10 days.

    Please note that with older equipment or rare pieces,

    it may take longer to track down spare parts and service information.


Sensor (CCD) Cleaning Service:

What are the grey spots on my pictures and how to stop them? 

Although these dark spots can often appear to be on the lens it is normally caused by air being pumped

in and around the cameras mirrorbox and image sensor (CCD) when changing and zooming lenses.

As the sensor is statically charged dust and buildup from the atmosphere can stick to it and cover some of the photosites.

This results in dark spots on your actual images thus the debris need to be physically removed. 

As sensors are extemely delicate and debris can made of different substances each with its own removal method we strongly reccommned not to attempt this yourself. 

We offer a proffessional sensor cleaning service from £30.00:


      Overnight Service for DSLR & CSC: £30.00       

      Collect after 10am the next working day.

      No Appointment necessary.


      Express Service for DSLR & CSC: £40.00

                                                                                  Collect within 1-2 Hours.

                                                                                  By Appointment only*.


                                                                         Compact & Bridge Camera: £48.00

                                                                                 Usually ready within 3-5 working days.

                                                                                 No appointment necessary.



* Call us on 01604 628738 to book an appointment.

Please allow at least 24 hours when booking to avoid disappointment.

Please ensure that your camera has a fully charged battery upon booking in.


Skears Photographic                           Call Us: 01604 628738