Welcome to Skears Photographic, where our 30-year-old passion for photography meets a commitment to breathing new life into used and pre-loved cameras.


Every piece of used camera equipment we sell, including cameras, lenses and accessories, undergoes meticulous servicing and comes with a comprehensive 12 month warranty. 

Save Money with Second Hand Cameras

Used camera equipment presents a great opportunity to save money when buying camera bodies, lenses, and accessories.  Buying new can be incredibly expensive but most photographers take great care of their equipment to ensure a long and useful life.  When it comes to trading up, the team at Skears work is happy to help and ensures that everything is working perfectly before making it onto our shelves.   Buying used is a great way to help your budget go further if you’re just starting out, to access higher-end models or simply to add more kit without breaking the bank.  

Fully Tested, 12 Month Warranty

Our team have been working in and around photography for over 30 years and we bring a high amount of skill and knowledge to every camera we sell.  If you’re keen to start your photographer's journey, or you’re adding new options to your existing gear, then we can help.  We inspect, service, and warranty every piece that comes through our doors to ensure you get a camera you can rely on.